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The Kalisio Development Kit (KDK) aims to simplify the development of web applications running on desktop or mobile devices. It is a strongly opiniated stack to build geospatial applications provided as SaaS solutions.

KDK is mainly powered by the following stack:

If you are not familiar with those technologies and want to develop for Kalisio, in addition to read the dedicated documentation, we recommand reading https://github.com/claustres/quasar-feathers-tutorial. Indeed, Kalisio template application is based on the Quasar wrapper for Feathers, while Kalisio plugins are Feathers plugins.

To get a deeper overview of some of the internals we recommand you to read our technical articles on Medium as a source of inspiration:

The Kalisio framework is also inspired by our experience in developing Weacast, refering to it as a more simple project might help.

Get familiar with Kalisio by building your first Kalisio app server.

Learn more about Kalisio architecture, API and plugins.

Learn more about tools used at Kalisio.


If you are looking for different formats we have the latest version of this doc available in:

Most diagrams are built using draw.io and mermaid

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